Who is Jenn?

Who am I?

  • Someone who gets caught up in the dark and negative all too often, just like almost everyone else
  • Someone who does see and appreciate unexpected beauty and love on all too rare occasions, like almost everyone else
  • Someone who wants a better world, like almost everyone else
  • Someone who wants to help make that better world happen.

I’m one person, with no platform to speak from, no reason for people to listen to me or heed what I say. But I’ve always been told “Be the change you want to see”, and “if you want to change the world, start with the face in the mirror.”

So I am. I’m starting with me. I’m going to start actively looking for, and promoting, beauty, love, and feeding the soul (mine and others) in ways that make me and others better.

I’m one person. You’re one person. Each person who reads this is just one person. But put us all together and we become something more, something that accomplish things, change things, that one individual never could.

Not by being pushy, loud, strident, or insisting others see things exactly the way we do. By focusing on the beauty and love in the world, finding our souls and the souls of others, and helping reconnect them to each other.

Care to join me in seeking out the best our world has to offer and helping others find it too?

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