Clean Sheets

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that bring comfort and joy. Simple things like clean sheets on the bed.

The crisp, clean, soft feeling of sliding between sheets just put on the bed straight out of the dryer is a simple pleasure. It’s not one single thing about it, but lots of little things that we often can’t quantify.  That inability doesn’t make it any less special, enjoyable, or comforting.

It’s a common thing – not an everyday occurrence, but commonplace enough to be considered and everyday experience.  And yet, it’s special in it’s own way. That first night after putting new sheets on the bed, I always sleep better than the nights that follow. I wish I knew why.

Maybe, deep down, it reminds me of home and family, of an earlier time when I had fewer worries and responsibilities. I do know it helps reduce my stress and insomnia. Who would think something so simple and normal could make a sizable difference?

How do you sleep in clean sheets? What dreams do you dream?

The Happy Middle

After an early adulthood of extreme ups and downs, I remember the moment I embraced the happy middle. It happened one night about 9pm, when I got home from a long day at the call center. After almost two hours driving round trip and depressing calls for 12 straight hours hooked up to a computer screen, I get home and instead of grabbing a drink and sitting in my chair and watching football like my Grandfather, I hear the girls and their mom laughing joyfully upstairs and decide to slowly, tiredly take each step up  there like the tired cranky old man I was becoming.

At the top of the stairs, they turn and see me and each scream my name and embrace me and invite me to come join them- they are watching a musical Tween-type family movie and painting each other’s nails and singing along with the movie. It was that moment more than any other that I surrendered. I remember thinking, how could you not Love this? Look how lucky you are to be a part of this! So I joined them and I didn’t say a word about work, about sad people in untenable situations that I couldn’t possibly help. Instead, I smiled and jumped into cross-legged position on the floor and they painted my toenails and put my hair in ponytails and we watched the movie and I think we watched it again from the beginning so I could see the whole thing with them, and I learned to love that movie, which never could have happened before, and that music too, despite it’s incredible cheesiness. I decided to embrace cheese. I decided to adopt Cute then, I gave in. I figured, this is my life now, and its not so bad. I can’t complain…and you know how I hate that. 😉