2017 Year End Review

2017 started out with good intentions.  I’d planned to post here a couple of times a week. And I didn’t start off too badly.

Then life kind of went crazy and I all but forgot about this site. That wasn’t just bad for the site…. it was bad for me too. I wasn’t looking for the good and the beauty in things.

It took until the last month of the year, but I’m back on track. And I’ve learned a few lessons along the way. I’m already figuring out how to apply those lessons to keep from repeating the mistakes of 2017.

Everyone makes mistakes. The beauty is that it’s okay to not be perfect, as long as you try to fix your errors and not repeat them.

Here’s to the end of 2017 – and here’s to being better in 2018.

Longest Night, Shortest Day

It’s almost the winter solstice. Throughout history winter solstice has been a time when cultures celebrated the turning of the year and the return of the sun. It has been and still is a celebration of hope for the future.

I’m a night person. So I celebrate the longest night of the year. But I’m not a fan of cold weather so I also appreciate that the days get longer, and warmer, after the solstice. There’s  something to appreciate on both sides.

What do you think about the longest night of the year?


Sometimes things just come together in ways you never expected. Over the past 7 months, I’ve been spending part of my free time working on a project that fits that description perfectly.

In October 2015 I attended the Sirens conference in Denver for the first time. It’s a conference on women in Fantasy literature, and I met a lot of lovely people. Many of those people became friends on social media.

Back in February, I posted on Facebook about two characters that were being insistent on having their stories told. The problem was that neither one was in the story I was supposed to be working on!

One of my friends from the conference commented on that post, then another, then another. Within two weeks there was a Facebook group of Sirens participants who wanted to be involved with making an anthology of stories centering on those two character types happen. The next thing I knew, we had a professional editor and deadlines in place.

Yesterday, we revealed the cover, the release date (October 6th) for the print and e-book, and the e-book went up for pre-sales at several distributors, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and Kobo.

I’m still sitting here trying to figure out what happened. I know, at a certain level, that what happened is that a bunch of women who love the Sirens conference found a concept they all felt the same way about.  But that kind of thing happens all the time. How did we end up with an actual published anthology out it?

Sometimes the right people and the right pieces just come together. Connections we don’t see draw everything needed to the right place at the right time. We find the thing that we love, that we’ve been seeking for, without ever realizing it. And an idea, a dream, a wistful thought, becomes something much more.

As one of the organizers of the anthology, you’d think I’d be past the “Is this really happening?” stage. I’m not. I’m still sitting here, watching as a random thought becomes something much bigger than I’d dreamed of. And I know that, just by making that original post, I’ve touched and changed the lives of other people.


I’m awed and overwhelmed.

Sometimes serendipity happens – and it’s beautiful.