How You Can Help

So, what can you do to help find the beauty, love, and soul in the world?

Quite a bit –

  • Join the site and contribute ¬†– tell us about the beauty, love, and soul you find in the world, no matter how small. ¬†There’s no minimum post requirement, no requirement on when you post or how often.
  • Leave comments on other seekers’ posts.
  • Join the Facebook group and post and comment there.
  • Share the message in the offline world – email with your name and address – we’ll send you 10 cards (pictured at the bottom of the page) to hand out to people or leave where others can find them.
  • Make a suggestion -we’ll be looking for more ways to spread the message and the vision!


Find the Soul Card

Find the Soul Card

One thought on “How You Can Help

  1. ryan m says:

    We were just having this conversation the other day about beauty love and soul; which one is most important and how do they relate to each other? Looking forward to discussing it more..

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