Being Busy

How often do we complain about being too busy? It seems like there’s never enough time to get everything we need and want to do done. Often it seems like it’s one or the other.

Just being busy isn’t enough to be beautiful or joyful. But being busy in a way that’s productive – that’s another matter. When you can feel that your efforts and time are spent on accomplishing something, there is a quiet satisfied joy.

I often feel like there’s not enough time for everything, and I procrastinate until the available time is gone and nothing’s done. But when I start, instead of waiting, I get an amazing amount done.

The beauty of making that start, of getting things done, is that it builds momentum. Then, if I ride that momentum, I get more things done. I feel less overwhelmed and I procrastinate less. And I find I can spend more time on the things that bring me joy.

It’s keeping the momentum going and getting it started when something stops it that I need to work on. But each little thing done does bring a spark of satisfaction and joy. Perhaps I just need to keep reminding myself of that.