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So often we overlook the good, the beautiful, the positive. It’s not sensational, so the media ignores it. Its not always obvious, so it’s not pointed out.  We’re busy, rushed, stressed. There are problems to solve, crises to avert, feelings to mend. And all too often we’re overwhelmed with all of it. We feel helpless, alone, discarded and disregarded. We don’t know how to change it, or even if it can be changed.

But there is so much beauty and love in the world if we just have the vision to see it, to look for it. Things that feed our soul and raise the level of the world’s collective soul.

Look for the good in the bad, the light in the dark, the joy in the sorrow.

One person can’t change the media, can’t change society’s viewpoint from negative to positive. But one person can change their own perspective, their point of view – and in doing so, they can touch others. One person’s change can cascade to others until the media finds its sensational stories ignored and society begins to look for ways to work together instead of setting people against each other.

“If one is lucky, one solitary fantasy can change one million realities” – Dr. Maya Angelou

If one fantasy can change realities, what could one, or more, realities, do?

It’s easy to see the ugly, the hateful, the sad, dark, and evil – the media and society train us to it. It’s time to train ourselves to see the other side of the coin – to recognize the beauty and love in the small, unexpected, and unusual things. To start seeing the best rather than the worst in people and things.

That’s how we, as individuals,  can change the collective soul for the better. That’s how we, the helpless, lonely, uncertain, and disconnected, can become strong, loved and loving, capable, and connected people who can, by ourselves and together, change the world.

It doesn’t take money, power, or popularity. It just takes vision and willingness to see beyond what we’re told, to make the small, unnoticed, disregarded things matter again.

  • Beauty in the old, unkempt, abandoned, and unexpected
  • Love in the act, the person, and the thought
  • Soul in the young, the old, nature, and life

One person, one thing, one activity at a time.

Find the


…in everything, everyday.

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