Awe in Frustration

I’m working out at the gym more often lately. I’m not seeing big progress yet. What I am feeling a lot is sore and challenged. Things I did without thinking when I was younger are difficult, or even out of reach of my current abilities

It’s frustrating. And I could let it get to me, let it discourage me. Sometimes it does. But I often choose to look at it differently. I’m in awe of how my muscles and joints work, amazed at how I took it for granted when I was younger.

The difficulty and the soreness I have now reveals the intricacy of how everything works together. I might not like the way my body looks or feels right now. But I can still see and appreciate the beauty of how muscles tendons, and ligaments work together.

And there is one place where small progress is really big progress. About a decade ago, before I had health insurance, I separated my shoulder. I didn’t get it treated, never did physical therapy. And my mobility and range of motion in the shoulder has been bad ever since. My trainer had a similar injury at one point. So she’s been giving me exercises that help increase my range of motion and mobility in that shoulder. I don’t notice it too much when I’m working out. But every so often, I reach up or out with that arm and am struck by just how much the mobility and range of motion have improved. That excites me even when I’m exhausted or hurting during a work out.

Reminding myself that the soreness I feel after workouts is the muscles repairing themselves and getting stronger makes it easier to deal with. Appreciating what the human body is capable of when I have difficulty with an exercise keeps me from getting overly frustrated. And it reminds me of my goals, of what my body will be able to do eventually.

What about your body created moments of awe for you?

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