What I see

Lately I’ve been finding joy and beauty in little things, simple things. The past couple of days, it’s been one of the simplest – at least for me. The fact that it’s not a simple thing for some people is the reason I appreciate it so much.

It’s what I see that is bringing me my enjoyment and appreciation. And what do I see? Color – Simple color.

I’m nearsighted – very nearsighted. If I’m not wearing my glasses or contacts, things start to blur only a few feet away. So sometimes, things are hard to make out. Sometimes it’s difficult to determine what I’m looking at.

But it’s not hard to see. I can see the colors even if I can’t see the details. Sometimes seeing the colors is better than seeing the details.

It’s something that I take for granted. But I know that if I couldn’t see colors and still had poor vision, I would find the world a dreary place to look at.

Colors energize me. Colors affect my moods. On a gray day, all I want to do is curl up under a blanket and either sleep or read. Bright sunny days make me want to sit in the shade, enjoy the colors, and socialize.

I can’t imagine not being able to see those colors. Yet there are people who can only see certain colors. There are people who can’t see much color at all. And there are people who have no sight at all.

So I’m lucky. I appreciate my luck and the colors I see. It’s a little thing that’s not really so small.

What do you see?

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