Little Annoyances

There are times when my cats annoy me terribly. I have two – Seraph and Watson. They seem to know when I have ten or fifteen minutes left before my alarm goes off or I’m planning to get up. They follow me into the bathroom. They tear around the house chasing each other and knocking things off shelves. They don’t fight but they do warn each other off.

But in the midst of annoying me, one or both of them will pose, or stop and look at me. Or Seraph will come over and bump her head against my arm or head – or start grooming my hair. And the way they both react with I get the laser pointer or treats out makes me laugh.

The contract, in the very instance of the annoyance, is a spark of beauty and joy. I love the little critters even when they’re being brats. I wonder if they act this way sometimes because they know how I’ll react.

Everyday annoyance does not rule out the existence of joy and beauty and love. Sometimes you just have to apuse long enough to see it.

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