We’ve been seeing a lot of clouds in central Texas lately. Not a lot of rain, but partially cloudy and overcast days. It’s nice because it cools the temperatures down and it’s been hot here. But that’s not why I find beauty and joy from the clouds.

Partially cloudy days are wonderful. The white and gray clouds against the bright deep blue sky and be beautiful. And finding the shapes and images in the clouds is fun. And it teaches me something about the state of my own mind and soul. If I can’t find the images, I know I’m too stressed or tired and I need to rest, relax, and be kind to myself.

Overcast days are often harder to appreciate, especially because the humidity they bring. But there are times. A light overcast diffuses the bright sunlight. It makes landscapes and surroundings look like paintings or dreams, at least to me. And then there are the storm gray clouds. They look angry and dark, but that particular shade means we’re going to get rain – and rain is almost always welcome here!

Sometimes overcast clouds make me want to curl up under a blanket, in front of a fire, and read. And that’s a comforting, relaxing, contentment. That’s my idea of a quiet, everyday, joy. If those clouds make me feel sad or depressed, I know I need to take some self-care time. I don’t, in those times, see beauty in the clouds, but they show me the needs of my soul.

What do clouds say to you?

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