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Find the Soul is a project that I started, then set on the back burner. It wasn’t intentional, but life got in the way.




Find the Soul is a project I started and then I *let* life get in the way. When it could have done the most good, I put it off. But I never completely lost sight of it. And it’s time to wake it up. Because I’m not the only person who needs the reminder that there’s good out there.

A lot of us need that reminder right now. And not just now. Everyday, every minute, someone is looking for that one thing, that small bright spot that tells us things can be, will be, better eventually.

But better doesn’t happen until someone takes action. It doesn’t have to be a big action – but it does have to be something. A pebble, in the right place, at the right time, can keep a flood from happening. And the pebble may never know the difference it made.

I am a pebble. I’m taking action. I’m not taking a big, public, dramatic stand. I’m putting pebbles and twigs in place to turn a flood – or create ripples – I may never see. And I know there are others out there doing the same. I know there are people out there who need the one tiny light to show them darkness is not all there is to look forward to.

There is beauty and love out there. There is soul in the world even when it appears it’s been lost. I can see it if I look for it. I’ve seen it before.

So it’s time to start looking, start seeing, again. And it’s time to share it. It’s time to make a start, however tiny, however invisible, it may seem.

Because beauty, love, and soul are not invisible. I am not invisible. You are not invisible.

We make a difference.

We see the beauty.

We share the love.

We are the soul that needs to be seen.

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