Finding Light from Outside

There are times when finding beauty, love, and joy in our own lives is difficult. Nothing seems to be going quite right. The weather is less than optimal, maybe even dreary. Our mood just can’t, or won’t, see the points of brightness in our own existence for a time.

We may need to look outside ourselves to find that spark to kindle our own light. In times when news and politics only darken the work, where can we look?

We can look to our family and friends, to those acquaintances on social media we consider friends, or people we admire. Among them, we can find the pleasures, triumphs, and joys they are experiencing. And in these, we can find our light.

It is not our own light, beauty, or joy, but it is those those things all the the same. Any eye can see beauty. Joy can be, should be, shared. And light grows when more people share it. Those who care for us, those who share such things where we can see them, are sharing them with everyone. They do not begrudge us being lifted from our own darkness by what they share.

So when you have little light, joy, or beauty in your own life, take head of the light in the lives of others. Use it to spark your own. Then share it for the next person who needs something to kindle their brightness.

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