When everything is going off the rails, it’s comforting to know you have backup. It might be a friend or family member. It might be a co-worker. Or it might just be an alternate plan.

There’s a beauty in knowing there are alternatives, that everything doesn’t rest on your shoulders even when it feels that way. There’s a beauty in having trust in someone else to have your back and help you out.

That trust, and the reliability of the other person, are representations of the soul, of the good in most people. It’s the knowledge that if we work together and help each other, everyone benefits.

Backing someone up can be an expression of love and trust. It can be recognition of the collective good will.

It is beautiful. It speaks of, and to, the soul. And it lets us relax, let down the weight we carry – at least for a little while.

Having backup applies to having someone willing to just listen or be supportive. Mental and emotional support is backup as much as physical support in life or in the workplace. And it’s just as important. It’s an even clearer expression of love and soul because there’s no direct benefit for the person backing you up.

Having backup means your light, your spark, doesn’t get completely buried under all the pressures and negativity. And it demonstrates the connection between us all.

Let others back you up. Back up others. Connect, relax, connect.

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