Comfort Food

Simple things can make us feel strongly, drastically, different.  For me, one of those things is comfort food.  I might be depressed, exhausted, or angry. Comfort foods, whether I have to prepare them or just pop them in the microwave, make me feel better. I associate them with better times and better feelings.

Suddenly, I’m not as sad or angry. I can find a little energy where I thought there wasn’t any. I can see a little light where things are dark.

Can comfort foods be dangerous? Certainly. It can be all to easy to fall into emotional eating – to eat, rather than deal with the emotions and issues that are behind the need for comfort.

But it’s also true that sometimes what we need is a reminder of family, better times, or just a bit of sun seen/felt through the rain.

So for me, comfort foods  are a connection to those things. They help me move from seeing the darkness to being able to look for the light.

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