New Year – Fresh Start

Last week I posted about where I fell short and the lessons I learned in 2017. And I said I had some plans in mind to improve things.

So what’s the plan for 2018? It’s pretty simple really. 

  1. Plan to post once a week. It’s possible I’ll post more often but I’m only committing to one post a week. Guest posts could increase the frequency as well.
  2. Pre-plan the posts each quarter. I created drafts for each weekly post between now and the end of March. Right now they’re just titles and maybe a few words to point me in the right direction. If time gets tight I won’t have to wrack my brain to come up with an idea for that week’s post.
  3. Scheduled time each week for writing my blog posts here and on my other sites. Some weeks I may pre-write several posts. Other weeks I may just be writing the next post. Bit the plan is to write several posts ahead of time so that I don’t get into a time crunch.

Really you can do a fresh start or jump start on a project at anytime. But I like using the start of the new year to do it. It feels shiny and new. And to me that’s a beautiful thing.

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