Clean Sheets

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that bring comfort and joy. Simple things like clean sheets on the bed.

The crisp, clean, soft feeling of sliding between sheets just put on the bed straight out of the dryer is a simple pleasure. It’s not one single thing about it, but lots of little things that we often can’t quantify.  That inability doesn’t make it any less special, enjoyable, or comforting.

It’s a common thing – not an everyday occurrence, but commonplace enough to be considered and everyday experience.  And yet, it’s special in it’s own way. That first night after putting new sheets on the bed, I always sleep better than the nights that follow. I wish I knew why.

Maybe, deep down, it reminds me of home and family, of an earlier time when I had fewer worries and responsibilities. I do know it helps reduce my stress and insomnia. Who would think something so simple and normal could make a sizable difference?

How do you sleep in clean sheets? What dreams do you dream?

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