Turning a Schedule Upside Down

When something turns your schedule upside down, it’s easy to see the difficulties and obstacles that result.  Often it’s hard to see the silver lining of such a shake up.

But a drastic shake up like a major change in your daily schedule can be a chance for a fresh start. It’s a chance to evaluate how you’re spending your hours and redirect your attention and efforts. You might start something new or return to something that got lost in the daily grind despite your best intentions.

How do I know? Look how long it’s been between the last post and this one. This site had slid down my priority list – and then my work shift switched from days to swing and I rediscovered a few projects that were languishing on my To-Do list.

Now I have the opportunity to renew my intentions, to reset the direction of my efforts and how I spend my time, to create new habits to help me accomplish those intentions and succeed in those efforts.

Do you need as big a change in your schedule to do this? No – even a small change is an opportunity. The question is whether or not we recognize it and take advantage of the possibilities.

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