The Little Things

Sometimes the little, everyday, things turn out to be much bigger than they seem.

There were a lot of things today that I could have focused on, most of them positive. None of them felt quite right. So I took some time to think about it, to try to figure out what was sitting in the back of my mind.

Listening to some of my favorite music on the drive home pointed me in the right direction. What solidified the thoughts in my mind though was reading some posts and responses online.

I realized how rarely I think about things like seeing, hearing, walking, and talking. They’re everyday activities that most of us just do, without ever really thinking about it. How incredible is it that we can do these things so casually? How beautiful is it that our bodies are designed to work this way?

Take a few seconds today, tomorrow, or next week to just appreciate the things you can do every day without ever actively thinking about them.

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One thought on “The Little Things

  1. refuzd says:

    Whenever I catch myself grumbling about being stuck in traffic, or having to deal with bad drivers or whatever, I usually have the wherewithal to remind myself to be grateful that the roads are paved, the tires are aired up, there’s gas in the tank, that we invented cars and stoplights and have generally managed to regulate transportation for ourselves, the human race. It helps to take your mind off the frustrations, inconveniences and petty annoyances of the moment to think of it that way. It really is amazing to ponder how far we’ve come just by using the tools we were given, our bodies and minds. So yes, it does help to appreciate those things! 🙂

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