Unnoticed Beauty at Work

It’s hard, especially now, to actively see the beauty in everyday. Social and news media are so busy showing us all the things that are wrong.  And, if you’re like me, you spend entirely too much time at a job that you don’t necessarily enjoy.

Today I spent most of the work day doing the thing I most dislike. It doesn’t matter what it is. What does matter is what I created, unthinkingly, while I was doing the thing I dislike.  The day was almost gone, and I had just come back from my last break of the day when I really looked at what I’d done just to keep my hands occupied.

The pattern isn’t mine – its from a coloring book. But the color flow, the color combinations are. And I think they’re beautiful. And I think my mind has a beauty all its own  – it was able to do this while in the midst of doing something not at all enjoyable.

Isn’t that a beautiful and amazing thing to discover or realize?


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