The Beauty in Another Work Day

I don’t know about you, but my job isn’t my passion. It’s a paycheck to cover the bills and hopefully leave me with enough money to do some of the things I enjoy doing. ┬áThere are days when the last thing I want to do is get out of bed and go into the office.

And then there are days like today, when I’m reminded that I have a job. When I can see the dance that takes place each and everyday between my coworkers and me. I don’t notice it most of the time. I will today. ┬áThe tiny interactions – smiles, frowns, side steps. All the intricate little pieces that let us all work together and get things accomplished.

This is a beauty and a dance that we rarely acknowledge, rarely look at. But it’s there, every minute of every day. And it reflects how well we, as a society, is capable of getting along and working together, often without even saying a word.

I opened my eyes this morning and saw something I’d disregarded and ignored. I’m going to work hard to keep my eyes open going forward.

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